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Calnex Solutions designs, produces and markets test instrumentation and solutions for network synchronization and network emulation.
Ensuring the Success of XR Devices
Overcome the challenge of network reliability and ensure the success of XR.
Optimizing AI Infrastructure Workload Efficiency
Enable efficient large scale AI data processing by deploying an optimized high-performance computing (HPC) environment.
Cutting Through The Complexities Of O-RAN
Your guide to achieving accurate synchronization.
Military Networked Application Resilience Testing
Replicate complex international defense networks, with realistic, dynamic network profiles to test application resiliance.

| Network and Application Performance Testing

The Network Lifecycle

When it comes to designing, deploying or managing networks and applications, having the ability to make agile and informed decisions can be the enabler to delivering successful projects.

The Importance of Testing and Measurement

Test and measurement activities are a vital source of data that underpins that decision making process but for many networks this requires insights and expertise to know what to test, when and to what standard.

Calnex: Your Expertise in Performance Testing

Calnex Solutions provides you with the expertise and technology that guides and simplifies network and application performance testing. Bringing efficiency to your testing and delivering the assurance you need to make the next step.

| Experts in Synchronization and Emulation

What are Network Synchronization and Network Emulation?

Accurate synchronization within a network is critical because it ensures that devices and components all operate in precise coordination, enabling seamless communication, data exchange and efficient resource utilisation. A network that relies on time-based synchronization must conform to certain time and frequency standards which define the performance required.  For many industry specific devices, this performance can be of the order of single digit nanoseconds.  As experts in time and synchronization, our test solutions have been designed to help you achieve this!

Real world networks have varying conditions under which devices, infrastructure and applications must withstand to maintain a consistent performance.  Each deployment has it’s own unique characteristics and specific performance requirements, and therefore the resilience levels can vary widely.  Understanding these parameters is the key enabler to making agile and informed project decisions, and our network emulation test solutions provide you with the insights required for deployment success.

| Our Solutions: Expertise In Performance Testing

Providing the path to performance assurance for the networks and applications that are critical in connecting the world in which we live and work:

| Test Solutions for the World’s Networks

Driving innovation and ensuring network reliability for a connected future.