Sync Visibility and Assurance

So you’ve deployed the Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) in your network. Whether for a mobile network, a power utility network, a broadcast network, a financial trading platform or more recently a Datacenter fabric – one question remains. How do I know how good it is? Ok, so it’s two questions – what exactly is ‘good’? […]

SD-WAN and Cloudification of IT

SD-WAN could help your business tackle all the challenges inherent to traditional networking and support a new cloud-based app consumption model. But only if deployed in the right way. Increasingly slow and unreliable performance has seen many organizations migrate their bandwidth-hungry applications to the cloud. Yet in doing so, it has become crystal clear that […]

What SD-WAN means for the C-suite

On face value, SD-WAN might seem like a simple technology to deploy within your company network. But in reality there are numerous factors to consider if you want to ensure risks are mitigated and rewards fully realized. With the widespread adoption of cloud services and virtualization straining traditional WAN architectures, any company that refuses to […]

Accurate timing in financial trading

Today’s financial trading ‘floor’ is a data warehouse with racks of servers conducting trades. There has been a growing focus in recent years on the need to distribute accurate time across this trading ‘floor’. The European Union (EU) financial regulator ESMA’s MiFiD2 directive took effect in January 2018 and this spells out the requirement for […]

SD-WAN: seeing past the hype

SD-WAN’s promise of finally delivering WAN connectivity fit for today’s enterprises – from huge cost savings to unprecedented networking simplicity – has created a lot of buzz. But will it really meet your needs and expectations? Companies around the globe are at various stages of supplementing their traditional MPLS WAN service with newer SD-WAN solutions […]

How to optimise your IT network and spend

Network emulation can be a key tool to overcome barriers in getting the most out of your network. Here’s how. Network emulators like the Calnex SNE model complex real-life systems to simulate the real conditions under which applications and platforms need to perform. This provides a safe, repeatable environment in which to explore various ideas […]

Responding to IT network issues with simulation

If simple remedial scripts are not enough to fix an IT network issue, a more comprehensive response may be in order. When a network suffers a slowdown or outage, most network monitoring solutions help IT teams respond by providing data on the location of the problem, and then automatically sending email/SMS notifications to key stakeholders, […]

A better way to find and fix network issues

When identifying the remedy can be as challenging as finding the cause of the network performance problem, testing before deployment is essential to avoid business disruption. There is a host of cutting edge tools now available to help IT teams monitor their networks and find the sources of any issues. But if the problem is […]