Optimize Cloud Performance for Global Users: The Power of Network Emulation

For most companies, tech architects and testing leads, optimizing cloud application performance across global users and diverse network conditions is a top priority. Network emulation offers a powerful solution to proactively address these challenges, allowing you to replicate real-world network scenarios within your testing environment. The Challenges of Cloud Network Performance Cloud computing has revolutionized […]

Empowering, simplifying, and illuminating the path towards SASE Success

In our last blog The High Cost of Unrealistic SASE Testing, we looked at the various challenges when it comes to testing SASE performance, however amidst these challenges posed by SASE complexity, there are viable solutions that stand ready to facilitate the effective testing of implementations.  Network emulation, functioning as a crucial ally, emerges as the linchpin […]

The High Cost of Unrealistic SASE Testing

Having identified the complexities faced when working with multi-vendor SASE solutions in my previous blog The Promise and Perils of SASE, we now explore the risks associated with ineffective testing and what considerations should be taken into account when testing SASE performance. According to EMA, over 50% of organizations struggle with SASE issues like slow performance and […]

SASE: A Promise Undelivered – Navigating the Maze of Implementation Challenges 

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of network architecture can feel like exploring uncharted territory. As technology propels us forward, the allure of streamlined operations, heightened security, and cost efficiency beckons, casting a spotlight on a revolutionary concept: Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE. Yet, beneath the promises lie complexities that often leave organizations grappling with the intricacies […]

Pre-deployment Insights – The Verification Savior for Data Center Engineers

Diversification of Data Center Applications The growth in the Data Centre market is well underway. In our last blog we identified some of the key drivers for this such as Data Center Migration and the virtualizaton of 5G networks (VNF) and how this diversification of applications, combined with 100G speed requirements, is putting pressure on […]

100G and the Data Center Verification Challenge with Growth

The growth of the Data Center The insatiable desire for data across all aspects of life and business is accelerating growth in the set-up of data centres. For businesses the pursuit to improve performance and drive growth is underpinning the data centre boom with many piggy backing on the market presence of cloud service provider […]

Validating multi-cloud environments with network emulation

What is multi-cloud? Multi-cloud is the utilization of two or more public clouds from different cloud providers. This can include any combination of Infrastructure, Platform, or Software as a service. This also refers to the distribution of cloud assets or software services across multiple cloud-hosting environments. The company can host different components of the application […]

Challenges of a remote workforce

Ideally we need minimum disruption to service, but it’s hard to imagine how any organisation could have been totally prepared for the demand on services in such a short space of time. So what should those people charged with responsibility for enabling this technological shift do? Homeworking is the new norm Clearly businesses will review […]