Belfast Animal Sanctuary


5 mins read

The team at Belfast volunteered at Assisi Animal Sanctuary in October. Assisi is Northern Ireland’s largest independent welfare charity and are committed to providing shelter, care, food, veterinary treatment, companionship and ultimately finding new loving homes for all the animals.

Luckily the weather was on our side as the team were tasked with painting the exterior wall and rearranging a shipping container full of food, toys and accessory donations! Pamela, Lorcan, Madara and Adrian set to work painting the wall, freshening it up for new arrivals and preparing for the winter months. It was expected that they would be able to finish the job by lunch to support the other team organising the shipping container… Turns out there was more wall than anticipated!

Pearl, Sam, Dave and Becca got stuck in with organising the shipping container that had an overwhelming amount of donations. After a few screams and spider traumas, a system was in place and tasks were delegated! With over 200 animals in their shelter at any given time the team got the opportunity to visit some of the residents!!! Feeding the rabbits, walking dogs, playing with cats and a puppy, was obviously the best part of the day.