Flagship product hits milestone


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Calnex today announced that the Paragon-neo product line exceeded order forecasts for the sixth successive quarter. The Paragon-neo is Calnex’s flagship synchronization test product and its success has been driven by customer investment in two growth areas – 5G and Datacenters.

Since its launch in 2018, the Paragon-neo has been shipped to customer sites across three continents as telecoms operators and equipment manufacturers prepare for the 5G revolution.

Investment in Paragon-neo for 5G has been fuelled by timing requirements that enable 5G services such as Enhanced Broadband, the Internet of things and “Smart” cities. Equipment manufacturers building 5G networks for the telecoms operators are required to meet new International Telecom Union (ITU) standards and use the Paragon-neo to prove conformance to these standards.

In the Datacenter arena, more accurate timing is being deployed by the Hyperscale companies, to enable the deployment of new services, such as High-Frequency financial transactions and Distributed Compute. This industry requires test capability at higher-speeds, which the Paragon-neo offers. This is a new market for Calnex, proving the versatility of our next generation test platforms and their exciting prospects.

Anand Ram

Anand Ram, Calnex’s VP of Business Development commented “We’re celebrating the success of the Paragon-neo in meeting the requirements of our customers developing equipment and building 5G and Datacenter networks. The quality of our engineering team allows us to continue to be first to market with the test capability for new and emerging standards and our customers continue to trust us with their investments because they know they are working with the leading supplier in this space.”

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Flagship product hits milestone


5 mins read