Calnex Empowers O-RAN Testing with NEO-ORAN-MERGE Feature

5 mins read

During the Spring O-RAN Plugfest 2024, Calnex collaborated with VVDN, ETRI, and our distributor Sonata in Korea to successfully conduct the O-RU S-plane conformance test at LGU+’s 5G innovation lab. The test was facilitated by our new software feature, NEO-ORAN-MERGE, which allows for the seamless merging of O-RAN M-, C-, and U-Plane data with S-Plane data generated by the Calnex Paragon-neo.

This cutting-edge feature allowedeasy setup and executionof O-RAN O-RU S-plane conformance tests. By placing the Paragon-neo between an O-DU and O-RU, users can introduce noise patterns of PTP and SyncE to replicate real-world traffic scenarios.

Paragon-neo’s S-Plane emulator can generate time and frequency errors of PTP and SyncE simultaneously, providing a more realistic testing environment. This setup allows for thorough validation of expected performance in real network conditions, enhancing confidence in O-RAN deployments.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that these O-RAN recommended noise patterns are exclusive to Calnex Solutions. We adhere to industry standards, ensuring that noise levels at the input of the O-RU align with specifications outlined in G.8273.2 Appendix IX, G.8262, and G.8262.1 (see table 9 below). Whether it’s LLS-C2, LLS-C3, or LLS C1 configurations, our Paragon-neo solution delivers precise and reliable testing results.

With NEO-ORAN-MERGE feature and our advanced noise pattern capabilities, Calnex is driving the evolution of O-RAN testing and setting new standards for excellence in the industry. Calnex remains at the forefront of O-RAN testing innovation, empowering customers with state-of-the-art solutions to accelerate their deployment timelines and ensure optimal network performance.