Immediate Openings – Graduate Product Operations Associate

Want to apply your academic business analysis skills to real-world problems in a fast-paced tech sector?

If you’re looking to join a successful, leading edge, global technology company, where you can collaborate and develop alongside first-class engineering talent, Calnex is the place for you.

Jack Mears

Jack joined Calnex as a Graduate System Test Engineer. Learn more about his story.

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Courtney Reid

Courtney joined Calnex as a Graduate System Test Engineer. Learn more about her story.

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Lorcan Roddy

Lorcan joined Calnex as a Graduate System Test Engineer. Learn more about his story.

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Stathios Ioannidis

Stathis joined Calnex as a Graduate Software Engineer. Learn more about his story.

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What We Offer:

Technical Training

Our inhouse technical training, led by industry experts, equips our employees with cutting edge skills and knowledge.

Progression Path

Our graduate programme at Calnex, supported by formal progression pathways, provides a structured, monitored and supportive approach to becoming a fully qualified engineer, through training and mentorship.

Info Hub

The Calnex Info Hub offers all employees an opportunity to learn about our products, technologies, markets, and the wider business..


Mentoring and coaching programmes at Calnex offer a collaborative learning environment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enable knowledge sharing to boost confidence, motivation and job satisfaction.

Power Skills

Our Power Skills programme, in partnership with Connect Three, equips employees with non-technical skills that support their personal development and career progression whilst encouraging a positive and inclusive working culture.

Wellbeing Support

Looking after our general wellbeing and creating opportunities for us to grow is a vital part of our culture at Calnex. There are various benefits, activities and opportunities available to support employees with their financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.


Performance Bonus

On achieving and exceeding financial targets, all Calnex employees are rewarded with an annual performance bonus.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible start/finish times (within reason) around core hours with potential to finish at lunchtime on Fridays.


32 days per year (includes 4 fixed) plus an additional service day after 3 and 5 years. Purchase of Additional Annual Holidays* Sell Annual Holidays*

Pension Scheme

Calnex contributes the equivalent of 5% of your salary monthly.

Healthcare Scheme

Calnex pays the cost of covering the employee and 50% of any optional element.

Share Incentive Plan (SIP)

The Calnex SIP offers employees the opportunity to own shares in Calnex

Income Protection

Paid for by Calnex. Policy will pay 50% of your salary if you are unable to work through illness.

Life Assurance Policy

Cover provided at four times your basic annual salary.

Subscriptions and Fees

Payment of subscription and fee to one relevant professional body.

Employee Referral Scheme

Calnex offer a £3000 referral bonus, payable to any employee who introduces a successful candidate.

Onsite Gym and Sports Facilities

Free, fully-equipped onsite gym, accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Linlithgow*

Gym Contribution

Calnex will contribute towards the monthly membership cost of the gym of your choice. Stevenage & Belfast*


Graduate and UK Employee Benefits (click to view)

We recruit from a range of disciplines including:

Business Studies

Business Management

Business Analytics

Spring/Summer 2024:

Computer Science


Electronic Engineering

Engineering Mathematics

Communications Engineering

Computer Engineering

Software Engineering

Software Development

Mechanical Engineering

Data Science

Computer Development

Information Technology

Embedded Systems Engineering

Immediate Openings:

Job Role
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Graduate Product Operations Associate


Upcoming Roles:

Job Role
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Graduate Embedded Software Engineer

Linlithgow, Belfast or Stevenage

Graduate Software Engineer/Developer

Linlithgow, Belfast or Stevenage

Graduate System Test Engineer

Linlithgow, Belfast or Stevenage

Graduate VHDL Design Engineer

Linlithgow, Belfast or Stevenage

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