SD-WAN use case

Predictable Network Performance. Calnex SNE is a highly flexible solution for both network emulation and network simulation. Build your own network easily in seconds.

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Calnex SNE Ignite
SNE Ignite

Network Emulation for 5G O-RAN. Test 5G O-RAN with real-world network conditions in your lab. Designed to meet stringent 5G O-RAN Fronthaul test requirements.

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PTP Monitoring Hardware, Sentry

Monitor Network Sync. Calnex Sentry is a versatile solution for remotely monitoring multiple NTP, PTP, and clock signals in data center networks.

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Calnex Sentinel

All-in-one Field Sync Tester Calnex Sentinel is the field solution for 3G/4G/5G Mobile Backhaul, E911/Critical Infrastructure, Financial Networks and Power Comms.

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Calnex Paragon-X

Prove Ethernet Sync to 10G. The Paragon-X is the definitive one-box solution to rigorously test SyncE, PTP and NTP mechanisms, as well as E1/T1 sync interfaces and Ethernet OAM.

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Calnex Paragon-neo

Solve the Timing Challenges of 5G Paragon-neo specs Paragon-neo is the latest platform, providing PTP and SyncE testing to 400GbE, to sub-nanosecond accuracy as required in today’s 5G networks.

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High Precision, Cost-effective Emulation. SNE-X is a total solution to the problem of real-world Ethernet testing. It combines network emulation for 5G, Data Center and Cloud applications.

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