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About Us

Calnex Solutions designs, produces and markets test instrumentation and solutions for network synchronization and network emulation, enabling our customers to validate the performance of the critical infrastructure associated with digital communication networks.

We have established a position at the forefront of the test and measurement industry, providing our equipment to the world’s telecoms network operators, network providers, systems suppliers, laboratories and network infrastructure. To date, we have secured and delivered orders from over 600 customer sites in 68 countries across the world.

Founded in 2006, we are headquartered in Linlithgow, Scotland, with additional locations in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Stevenage, England and California in the US, supported by sales teams in China and India. We have a global network of partners, providing a worldwide distribution capability.

In 2022, Calnex was awarded with two Queens Awards, in recognition to our exceptional contributions to Innovation and International Trade. This achievement builds upon our past honor of receiving the Queens Award for International Trade in 2015. Further showcasing our global presence, the China-Britain Business Council distinguished us as the “Exporter of the Year” at the China-Scotland Business Awards in 2020. Our commitment to excellence and employee development is underscored by our Gold standard accreditation from Investors in People. Furthermore, we uphold the standards of ISO9001 and ISO45001, reflecting our dedication to quality and safety.

What are Network Synchronization and Network Emulation?

Network Synchronization

In order for mobile networks to work correctly, mobile radio transmitters, known as ‘basestations’, have to be synchronized to other nearby basestations where their coverage footprints overlap. This synchronization was initially achieved by frequency (each basestation transmitting on a slightly different frequency to those of adjacent basestations), and then moved to a time based approach, where each basestation is allocated a different slot of time each second to transmit. To deliver this synchronization between basestations, all equipment within the network has to conform to certain frequency and/or time transfer standards which define the accuracy of performance. Measuring accuracy and precision to less than 0.000000001 of a second is now required to ensure that network timing and synchronisation meets international standards.

The ability to carry out accurate synchronization testing continues to be critical to gaining assurance over network performance.  This will continue to evolve as new communications networks emerge such as 5G and 6G, and as more industries recognise and adopt protocols such as Precision Time Protocol (PTP) as a method of driving efficiencies across their digital communications.

At Calnex we have focused on transferring our expertise in timing and synchronisation through the development of innovative test solutions that bring confidence, efficiency and accuracy to our customers test and measurement activities, enabling their business success.

Network Emulation

For organisations who are designing, deploying or managing networks and applications having the ability to make agile and informed decisions can be the enabler to delivering successful projects or maintaining critical business operations. 

Network emulation is the process of creating a network design within a test instrument or software, which can be set to replicate the specific real-world conditions under which the network, or an application running on the network, will need to perform.  This generates insights into potential operational interruptions or failures, which can and do occur in the real world, allowing for informed design decisions to be made, and mitigations put in place, that can prevent critical performance issues from ever occurring.

At Calnex our family of network emulators are designed to provide a controlled and repeatable real-world test environment in which any business can verify their network or application performance, regardless of their scale or throughput requirements. We bring confidence and efficiency to our customers decision making process enabling them to deploy with success.