DSET 2023

DSET 2023

Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference

Calnex will be exhibiting I/ITSEC 2023, the world largest modeling, simulation and training event. As NTSA members, we hope to continue to showcase the importance of including network environments in your simulation or training set up. 

Calnex Network Emulators, with their ability to simulate and manipulate network conditions and environments, can be easily incorporated into your training platform to deliver the realism you need to provide the most real-world training experience possible. Recreate all the desired, disadvantaged and disrupted network conditions personnel can expect to encounter in-theater to ensure they are fully prepared.  

Trusted by military organizations and governments around the globe, Calnex network emulators are already deployed in cyber ranges, simulation labs and test labs to fully understand, and where necessary mitigate, the impact of networks on military applications, systems and personnel.

Learn More: Modeling Military Networks

We hope to see you there.

Location: Orlando, USA
Date: November 27th - December 1st
Booth: Booth 3365
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