Large USA Bank Saves a Million

We all like to put money in our banks when we can, but banks like to save too!

I heard of a case recently where a Data-lab within a large US bank got network modeling/testing requests from customers that needed fast responses. Typically, they created a network topology/simulation and then sent customer application traffic across it to assess performance.

The Bank used Network Emulation to exercise/stress their Cisco network infrastructure by “working around” the forwarding table, using impairments to look at the impact on network reconvergence performance. For the quickest and broadest network emulation and topology capabilities, the Bank used the Calnex SNE test tool.

The Data-lab benefited from reduced test setup time in creating the correct network topologies. Average test-duration was 72 hours, and voice tests could run up to 5 weeks!. Reduced test setup time, faster customer responses with more realistic testing was seen to save the Bank at least $1M per year.

Perhaps this bank will re-print their dollar bills with 'In Emulation We Trust'?

Crawford Colville
Marketing Communications

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