Low Risk and High Confidence

Interesting to hear the steps a global SD-WAN vendor took to develop a verification strategy for its SD-WAN products, with Network Emulation at the core of the test strategy.

SD-WAN diagram

First, traffic on 1G/10G links in the network topology is passed through a Network Emulator. By adding impairments on selected paths, verify whether controller functionality is as designed and per policy set. For example. degrade a path: add Delay, Packet Drop and find if controller switches traffic over to better performing link. Create latency and loss scenarios, test and determine loss, latency and jitter limits at which VoIP and Data Traffic is degraded to the point of impacting users.

Also with Network Emulation, create an accurate network topology/simulation of the WAN network. To help set appropriate SLAs and then send the application traffic (using L4-7 tester) across it to assess performance. Finally, impair/break links, and accurately measure failover/convergence time with a traffic generator.

In summary, Network Emulation helps to effectively and completely test SD-WAN functionality and stability prior to deploying the service. The SD-WAN service can be rolled out with little risk and high confidence.

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Anand Ram
VP Sales & Marketing

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