Calnex Launches Industry's First 100GbE PTP Measurement Solution

Calnex Paragon-100G Edinburgh, Scotland - March 18th 2016-Calnex Solutions Ltd today introduced Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) test capability at 40GbE and 100GbE for its Paragon-100G Ethernet timing test solution. Providing high-accuracy PTP emulation and Time Error measurement capability, the Paragon-100G enables the timing performance of critical applications in high-speed Ethernet networks to be fully stressed and validated.

Ethernet systems have varying transmission delays that can significantly disrupt the precise transfer of timing in high-speed networks. This has led to the integration of PTP support in core switches and routers. The Paragon-100G solution provides 40GbE and 100GbE PTP testing to nanoseconds of accuracy, combined with emulation of network effects, to prove protocol and timing performance.

“Service Providers are moving to increase data capacity in their core networks, and Ethernet synchronisation is crucial for the end-to-end operation of the system. Without being able to validate timing accuracy at 40GbE and 100GbE, Service Providers cannot ensure their high-capacity networks will meet performance needs,” said Tommy Cook, Calnex CEO. “The ability of Paragon-100G to emulate PTP devices and measure with precision at these high rates is integral to the validation process.”

Paragon-100G is the first instrument to enable testing of both PTP and SyncE technologies at 40/100GbE according to ITU-T standards including G.8273.2 and G.8262. For more information on the Paragon-100G click here.

About Calnex Solutions:
Calnex Solutions is a leading provider of R&D test solutions for Ethernet synchronisation technologies. The company serves customers in more than 45 countries, including many of the largest telecom companies in the world. Information about Calnex is available on the web at

Editorial Contact:
Adam Paterson, Calnex Solutions +44(0)1506 671416

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