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Calnex SNE-X

High Precision, Cost-effective Emulation


SNE-X is a total solution to the problem of real-world Ethernet testing. It combines network emulation for 5G, Data Center and Cloud applications.

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Solve the Timing Challenges of 5G

Paragon-neo specs

Paragon-neo is the latest platform, providing PTP and SyncE testing to 400GbE, to sub-nanosecond accuracy as required in today's 5G networks.

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Prove Ethernet Sync to 10G

The Paragon-X is the definitive one-box solution to rigorously test SyncE, PTP and NTP mechanisms, as well as E1/T1 sync interfaces and Ethernet OAM.

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All-in-one Field Sync Tester

Calnex Sentinel is the field solution for 3G/4G/5G Mobile Backhaul, E911/Critical Infrastructure, Financial Networks and Power Comms.

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SNE Ignite

Network Emulation for 5G O-RAN

Calnex SNE Ignite

Test 5G O-RAN with real-world network conditions in your lab. Designed to meet stringent 5G O-RAN Fronthaul test requirements.

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Monitor Network Sync

Calnex Sentry

Calnex Sentry is a versatile solution for remotely monitoring multiple NTP, PTP, and clock signals in data center networks.

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Calnex SNE

Predictable Network Performance

Network Emulator

Calnex SNE is a highly flexible solution for both network emulation and network simulation. Build your own network easily in seconds.

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Application Performance Test


Recreate realistic networks including LAN, WAN, Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, (A)DSL, Mobile and Satellite in order to verify application performance.

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Focussed PTP Test Options

Specific feature bundles delivering test solutions for PTP to profiles such as IEEE 802.1AS/AS-REV, SMPTE 2059-2, and ITU-T G.8275.1.

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Real-World Testing up to 100G

Spirent Attero-100G

Prove 100GbE, 40GbE and 25GbE device performance with full line-rate network emulation. Latency in networks really is a big deal.

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Real-world Testing up to 10G


Capture real-world network profiles and replay them in the lab for absolute proof of performance. Emulating the cloud under real-world conditions.

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Emulate in a Virtual Environment


Spirent Attero-V is a virtual impairments tool that extends and complements the capabilities of the Spirent range of virtualization products and solutions.

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Turn-up and Installation

Calnex Tempo

Provides canned tests. Embedded GPS/GLONASS/BEDOU receiver and optional mini Rubidium (GNSS disciplined Rb holdover).

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Rb/GPS Reference Source

Stable Frequency and Timing

Rb/GPS Frequency Reference

The Calnex Rb/GPS Frequency Reference provides a stable 10MHz and a 1pps measurement reference that can be used with Calnex's Sync testers.

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1pps/ToD/Frequency Converter

Converting Timing Signals

1pps converter

Used as an optional accessory with Calnex products, this converter provides the means to convert essential signals required in modern network devices.

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Calnex Analysis Tool

Network and Device Analysis Software

Calnex Analysis Tool

Get fast, clear insight into network and device performance with all your measurement results in one place. Import live and archived data.

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