T-TC Time Error

Testing Transparent Clocks as per ITU-T G.8273.3 using the Calnex Paragon-X. Measurements include Noise Generation, Noise Tolerance, Noise Transfer, Transient Response, Holdover Performance.

PTP Time Error for T-BCs

This Test Guide shows how the Calnex Paragon-100G can be used to test T-BC compliance as per G.8273.2 and provides procedures to measure noise generation, tolerance & transfer in addition to packet layer transient response and holdove performance.

T-BC G.8273.2 Conformance Test Plan

A ready-made test plan for Telecom Boundary Clocks to ITU-T G.8273.2 standard. This paper details the tests available to comply with G.8273.2. Calnex makes recommendations on what tests may be appropriate.

G.8262 Conformance Test Plan

A test plan for SyncE jitter and wander peformance to G.8261 and G.8262. This paper details the test procedures specified in the ITU-T G.8261 and G.8262 standards for Sync-E Jitter and Wander performance.

Testing EECs as per ITU-T G.8262

This comprehensive Calnex Test Guide shows how the Paragon-100G can be used to perform the tests specified in the ITU-T G.8262 standard for proving SyncE Jitter and Wander performance at rates up to 100GbE.

G.813 Wander Test Plan

This test plan details the test procedures specified in the ITU-T G.813 standard for wander performance of SDH equipment slave clocks (SECs). The test plan also explains how to use the Paragon-t to provide compliance to G.813.

T-TSC G.8273.2 Conformance Test Plan

The accuracy of Telecom Time Slave Clocks (T-TSCs) is essential to the successful roll-out of LTE-A and TDD-LTE. To meet the new G.8273.2 compliance limits, T-TSCs must meet a very stringent constant Time-Error (cTE) limit of 20 or 50 nanoseconds.

Managing the impact of cable delays

The issues that need to be considered and some tips on how to ensure the uncertainty due to cable delay is minimised when performing high accuracy Time Error measurements. Down at the ns level it is important to consider the cabling in all test set ups.