Major global cloud provider

Cloud Use Case

The cloud provider needed to grow its business by adding new customers, while retaining existing customers by efficiently troubleshooting client issues. The cloud provider’s average order value was approximately $500k per year, however, the major barrier to adoption was service performance – clients were very concerned and cautious about the cloud provider’s ability to move client data quickly enough onto the cloud without impacting their business.

The cloud provider stated that current testing didn’t accurately replicate the customer’s environment. Now, with the Calnex Network Emulator, they can accurately mimic customer environments, proving performance and setting appropriate SLAs. Customer satisfaction scores have already increased. These are key metrics monitored at Board level within the cloud provider.

To date, they have seen a 12% uplift in new business and are expecting to see a 10% increase in year-on-year retention, saving $10M per year.