Use Cases - Network Emulation

Networks are exceptionally diverse. This is why emulating different network conditions prior to deployment is vital to ensuring applications such as SD-WAN run seamlessly when they go live, whether in hardware or in the Cloud. Emulating the environment minimizes risk. Just ask a chameleon.

Network outage

A few bad packets

The FCC's probe into the CenturyLink network outage indicated the cause was equipment failure starting with malformed packets.

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Testing Broadcast Applications with Impairments

Influence of SMPTE

Networks in the broadcast industry are now in a state of flux. Increasingly there is a shift away from single-purpose legacy systems like SDI.

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Power Industry Observations - Part 1

The move to packet based networks

The first in a series of three articles explaining the changing face of communications in the Power Industry. Benefits and challenges are discussed.

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Power Grid Manufacturers

VLAN case study

Power Grid Manufacturers are turning to network emulators to ensure they provide their customers with a high level of Quality of Service.

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SDI to IP and PTP – LMK, OK?

PTP in Broadcast

It’s time to let the industry know whether the move to IP for transport and PTP for synchronization is going to be OK.

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Opening Up Market Potential

Cloud provider case study

Cloud provider proves solution viability and opens up market potential. Case study includes FREE eBook from Calnex Solutions.

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The challenge of satellite communications

Emulation Case Study

As the growth of satellite communications accelerates, organisations across the globe are turning to network emulation.

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Major Retailer

SD-WAN Case Study

Avoiding costly MPLS upgrades by using network emulation to deploy SD-WAN. Case study includes FREE eBook from Calnex Solutions.

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Top 3 US Bank

SD-WAN Case Study

Reducing deployment time in SD-WAN migration by troubleshooting with Calnex SNE. Case study includes FREE eBook from Calnex Solutions.

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Large US Bank

Cloud Use Case

The Data-lab within this large US bank gets network modeling/testing requests from customers that must be responded to quickly.

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Major global cloud provider

Cloud Use Case

The cloud provider needed to grow its business by adding new customers, while retaining existing customers by efficiently troubleshooting

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Large European Insurance Company

Datacenter Use Case

The insurance company wanted to move their Data-center from Germany to Italy in order to save an estimated €10Million per year.

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Enterprise Networks: 3G/4G Use Case

If someone owns a laptop, smartphone or tablet you can pretty much guarantee that they will also be a user of an application or

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Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

IT has already virtualized servers and storage, what about networks? Today’s networks are having to evolve because they were never

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