Network Emulation and Satellite Communications

As the growth of satellite communications accelerates, organisations across the globe are turning to network emulators to ensure quality of service prior to deployment.

The value of Network Impairment Testing in Power Grids

The nature of power utilities networks is that they are increasingly reliant on the use of communications networks. Moreover there is a growing trend to move away from legacy technologies (in this case Time-Division Multiplexing or TDM) and adopt packet-based (TCP/IP) networks.

What's Wrong With Our Network?

Application performance issues are a frustration most enterprises will likely suffer – 89% of business executives say that poor application performance negatively impacts their business on a regular basis, according to the Riverbed Application Performance Survey.

Managing the Costs of Network Monitoring

As network infrastructures are being asked to cope with the modern strains of business operations, the associated challenges in how to effectively monitor, manage and troubleshoot their problems are getting ever more demanding.

Do You Really Know Your Network?

Knowing your network inside out can help optimise performance, and deliver the connectivity that meets business and customer needs both now and in the future. In the always-on world of today, near-constant network uptime is paramount for most businesses. Yet ever increasing strains on networks mean slowdowns and outages are still commonplace.

TCP Latency and Throughput

Why is it your customer doesn't receive the throughput they paid for? Oftentimes the actual throughput represents only a fraction of the expected bandwidth. This white paper explains why throughput is adversly affected by latency and packet loss.


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