It takes just 0.02 seconds for a chameleon to grab its lunch. But in today’s communications networks, things move at even greater speeds. So much so that measurement accuracy and precision to less than 0.000000001 of a second is now required to ensure network timing and synchronization meets international standards. And deliver the robust, dependable performance that we can all dine on.

Not Meeting the 3GPP Limit

Mobile Networks: Tutorial

The 3GPP standard of 3µs phase difference between two air interfaces is what keeps the network synchronised, and all the services

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A Change is Coming

Mobile Networks: Tutorial

Sync testing has always been physical. Interfaces, line rates, cabling and equipment. Whether on site or remote, a physical connection

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Field Sync Testers

Mobile Networks: 1-Page Summary

The Mobile Backhaul is intrinsically complex. It has to support legacy technologies like circuit switching to carry 2G/3G voice, as well as

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1588 PTP Networks: Tutorial

How to achieve the higher accuracy of in real-time data transfer in automotive system? Applications such as audio-video, motion sensing

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