It takes just 0.02 seconds for a chameleon to grab its lunch. But in today’s communications networks, things move at even greater speeds. So much so that measurement accuracy and precision to less than 0.000000001 of a second is now required to ensure network timing and synchronization meets international standards. And deliver the robust, dependable performance that we can all dine on.

Synchronization is Important

Mobile Networks: Tutorial

The Mobile Backhaul is intrinsically complex. It has to support legacy technologies like circuit switching to carry 2G/3G voice, as well as

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Big Data

5G Tutorial

Data creation keeps growing at a mind boggling rate: from the digitizing and storing of business records and transactions, the storage

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1588 PTP Networks: Tutorial

As of January 2018, the new version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or MiFID II, has been implemented aiming at creating

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Professional Broadcast

1588 PTP Networks: Tutorial

Network synchronisation is crucial for professional broadcast, both for traditional aspects such as audio alignment and lip-sync, and especially

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