Supporting our Customers

Calnex provides support for all its products*. This support can be enhanced with the purchase of a Calnex Support Service (CSS) contract. The benefits of CSS include prioritised support, access to the Calnex Service Desk and hardware and software warranty. More details can be found below.

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Product Software

Calnex product software downloads are available on desktop website.

Technology Library

Share in Calnex's extensive knowledge and expertise in network synchronization and timing, network emulation and physical layer test. Access white papers, technical overviews, application notes and test plans here.


Your guide to syncronization standards and how to interpret them. Hear from the industry's experts here.

Service Desk

If you have a question or request about a Calnex product, ask our application experts here (login required).


If you have a question about your Calnex product, we might already have an answer for you here.

NE-ONE: Customer Portal

For NE-ONE products you can use the NE-ONE customer portal to download licenses and software or raise a service request here. (Login Required)

NE-ONE Case Studies

Share in the Calnex NE-ONE teams extensive knowledge of testing applications with network emulation here.

CSS Overview

The services provided to customers under the Calnex Support Service (CSS) and the terms and conditions applicable to CSS are described in the CSS Agreements available to download below. Purchase of any Calnex product includes 1 year of CSS as part of the purchase price. Calnex recommends that you purchase extensions to CSS beyond this initial period to ensure that you receive prioritised support, your product is kept up to date and continues to be protected under warranty.

CSS Scope

CSS provides different levels of support for different Calnex products. The services provided may be changed at any time. The current services provided under CSS for each Calnex product are detailed below.

Hardware Warranty Software Warranty Software Update Technical Support CSS Brochure
Paragon-neo Paragon
Calnex SNE Calnex SNE
Paragon-100G Paragon
Paragon-X Paragon
Paragon-t Paragon
Sentinel Sentinel
Sentry Sentry
Rb/GPS n/a n/a Rb/GPS

all Sentinel and Sentry products are bundled with lifetime software warranty and software updates.

CSS Services

The services provided under CSS are summarised in the table below. For more detail, please download from the CSS Agreements links below.

Customer Support Agreement

Customer Support Agreement (for NE-ONE)

Technical Support
Calnex provides technical support for all its products under CSS. In addition, Calnex technical experts will provide guidance on how to best use our product for your application.
Software Update
Calnex may periodically develop new software releases for its Systems. These new software releases will be provided to the Customer under CSS at no charge (although certain features may be chargeable).
Hardware Warranty
Calnex warrants that each hardware product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. During the warranty period, Calnex will repair any such defects free of charge
Software Warranty
Calnex warrants that each software product you purchase (including software associated with a hardware product) is free from critical defects that prevent correct operation of the system according to the published specifications

Contact Information

For NE-ONE products please contact us here.

For all other Calnex products your local representative will be able to help with support. For local representative details go to Partners tab and select your region (country). Alternatively, you can contact us using one of the email addresses below.


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