Hello Again


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Since the start of lockdown in March 2020, Calnex has hired 37 new employees worldwide. Throughout this time we have found new ways of keeping our new and old employees engaged with one another via monthly quizzes, entertainment events such as magicians and escape rooms, and also fortnightly tea breaks where employees can stop for 30 minutes for a catch up with one another, all of which were done online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

With COVID restrictions easing over summer in the UK, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to host a reunion for our Scotland and Belfast team at Linlithgow Rugby Club. Our first in person event in almost 2 years!!

This was a great opportunity for many of the new faces at Calnex to meet their new colleagues and get to know one another. We normally have some sort of entertainment at these events such as a sports day but as there is so much to catch up on, we settled with some amazing food provided to us by Young Spudz.

It was a strange experience meeting many of our new colleagues as though it was the first time, even though we had spoken many times online but I guess this is the new normal and it was welcomed by all!

Our overseas teams also had their own local gatherings. After all, Calnex is one team … worldwide