TSN Plugfest

This video gives an overview of the interoperability workshop held by the Testbed Working Group. Here how over 20 companies come together and how Calnex, as a test equipment supplier, plays a key role in the testbed success.


Spirent launches 25GbE impairment tester

The Spirent Attero-100G provides the industry's first 25GbE network emulator for real-world Ethernet testing. 25GbE is a key interface for data center and fronthaul applications, and is a major driver for emerging 5G networks.


Best Testbed Award

The IoT Solutions World Congress certifies that "Time Sensitive Networks for Flexible Manufacturing' has been awarded with the Best Testbed award 2017. Calnex plays vital role in building, testing and verifying the set up.


Calnex at ISPCS 2017

Calnex will participate at the 2017 ISPCS Plugfest and Symposium taking place later this month. Our tools will play an integral part in the Plug Fest and will also be showcased at the Symposium.


Modernizing Your Industrial Network Webinar

As the number of devices connected via the Internet of Things grows at exponential rates, communications infrastructure has to grow with it. TSN is the evolution that will make critical data available when and where it is needed.


03-April 2017

The (r)evolution in the need for Time

North America's premier Timing and Sync event addressing sync requirements, as well as the roll-out of new sync systems and standards, and how these affect industries and equipment manufacturers.

27-Aug 2017

IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization

The objective of the symposium is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government involved in the area of Precision Clock Synchronization and Distributed Time-based Applications.

15-May 2017

The race to 5G: Powering the Connected Future

5G North America brings together leading carriers, content providers, solution providers and the enterprise IoT market to determine and define requirements, visions and expectations for 5G networks.

20-Sep 2017

Time Sensitive Networks: Technology & Applications

TSN will have a broad impact in application areas like Industrial, Automotive and Pro AV/Consumer IP networking. The TSN/A Conference will highlight the standard’s technological aspects as well as application topics.

06-Nov 2017

International Timing & Sync Forum

ITSF 2017 will showcase the latest time and synchronisation solutions, advances and challenges in Telecoms, Finance, Broadcast, Transport, Utilities, IoT and Defence. Over 200 delegates are expected at this ever growing conference.