High Speed Optical Interfaces

  • 25GbE: SFP28
  • 40GbE: QSFP+
  • 100GbE: CFP2 and CXP

Full Line-Rate Delay

  • 80ms at 100GbE (optionally 256ms)
  • 200ms at 40GbE (optionally 640ms)
  • 320ms at 25GbE (optionally 1024ms)

Packet Jitter

  • 100ms Jitter range (optionally 400ms)

Extensive Traffic Filters

  • Customisable ranges and wildcards
  • Create filters on captured pcap file

Flexible Profile Options

  • 2 to 16 Profile options available

25GbE Fronthaul  NEW 

  • Impair centralized BBU to remote radio head with delay, jitter & packet loss.

Quality of Experience (QoE)

  • Verify QoE in loss and latency sensitive triple-play services

Data Center & Enterprise Systems

  • Test relocation or network expansion under real-life (latency and packet loss) conditions

QoS and SLA Verification

  • Prioritise traffic types
  • Determine optimum service level parameters to ensure application performance