SMPTE Broadcast Profile (ST 2059-2)

  • Master, Slave, Boundary and Transparent Clocks.
  • Time Error solution and validation of PTP message fields.

Verification and Proof of Concept

  • Prove Broadcast networking products meet industry criteria for network time accuracy of 1 microsecond.
  • Introduce timing and packet errors to check performance.
  • Control Synchronization MetaData fields to validate interoperability with end-user equipment.

Message Analysis

  • PTP Field Verifier (PFV) automatically parses PTP packets and highlights areas of non-compliance to PTP profiles, e.g. IEEE 1588, SMPTE ST 2059-2.
  • Full 3rd party report generation capability to prove compliance.

Timing Analysis

  • Complete integrated and characterised one-box test network removes uncertainty and error from timing test.
  • Automatic pass/fail limits and masks plus report generation.