Robyn McRae – Business Development Executive

Employee Q&A


“As a graduate, I wanted to be part of a company that was focused on developing their workforce and be willing to provide the necessary support and development path for my future.”

Q: What did you study (and where), and what attracted you to work at Calnex?

I studied a BSc in Product Design and Innovation at The University of Strathclyde. I encompassed a variety of skills from design, manufacturing, engineering and management. When I first had my interview for Calnex and got the job I knew it was somewhere I was going to enjoy working as I noticed the impressive lunchtime gym classes they had on offer. From then on, I knew this company’s ethos was right for me. Alongside this, the size of company was also important. As a graduate, I wanted to be part of a company that was focused on developing their workforce and be willing to provide the necessary support and development path for my future.

Q: How long have you worked at Calnex and how has your career developed?

I’ve been with Calnex for two years, within that time I’ve learnt a lot! The Telecommunication Industry was an entirely new direction for me, as of such over the past two years I have applied myself to both the technical and commercial aspects of my role. Over this time, I’m actively more independent in driving business opportunities, supporting our partners and customer base in a more proficient manner throughout Europe.

Q: What is it that motivates you in the morning and gets you energized about your role?

My motivation is my responsibility to generate and bring in business. The sales process is really a team effort at the end of the day, but my real motivation is to qualify and close business for the benefit of the business and the workforce behind it. I see this as a reward not only for me but also for the whole team who create such a high quality product and service. What could be a better motivator!

Q: Talk us through a typical day for you at Calnex?

My days are entirely dependent on my calendar and if I’m in the office at HQ or travelling to visit customers. My office life consists of partner and customer calls, emails and personal training. If I am travelling, I’ll tend to be in meetings most of the day but always back in time for the weekend.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

When I left University I knew I wanted a role that involved working with people. This role certainly gives me the opportunity to do this, even better – across Europe. I’m very lucky that I travel with my job, this is a fundamental part of our business relationships both with our customers and partners and a key area I enjoy most.

Q: Most challenging aspects of your job?

Keeping up to date with the latest product developments, timescales and technical standards of the industry. We are leaders within our market and like to be at the top of our game as much as possible. This requires me to be fully briefed on these changes/recommendations, so I can actively and correctly deliver these updates to our existing and new customer base.

Q: What skills do you need to succeed in the job?

Overall, you have to be a people person! You’re spending a lot of your time either in a social or professional setting with people you may or may not know at meetings and or conferences/events. Alongside this, you need to be organised and prioritising your activities is a fundamental part of keeping both your customers and broader partner groups happy.

Q: What has been your biggest success at Calnex?

Contributing to our biggest and most successful year at Calnex – ever!

Q: What piece of advice would you give to anyone who wants to work in Business Development?

To add value and build trust with every opportunity. I always try and add value to every relationship, with prospective customers and existing customers. Calnex adds value by providing information and knowledge and by treating customer’s right, both before and after the purchase.

Q: What do you do for downtime?

As I mentioned before, I am a bit of a fitness geek and spend a lot of my time outside climbing hills/walking or you will find me in the gym.