Litter pick at Fife coastal path


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Planning a litter pick: “Ger’s stressful experience”

I attended Laura’s Social Team and suggested we focus on some environmental projects, like a beach clean, somewhere like Blackness (near to the office and I’ve noticed litter along it in the past). Done! Date selected, Council informed, Staff communicated. 25 volunteers and the 26th May chosen for the beach clean at Blackness. Forever the worrier, 2 weeks before the event I had a walk along the spotless, litter free beach at Blackness. An alternative needed and fast!

I live in Inverkeithing and walk part of the Fife Coastal Walk every morning with my young dog, Cooper. The walk can be quite stressful as Cooper is forever finding and attempting to eat rubbish. Sounds like an alternative venue! Kirsty and Laura hit the phones, informed Fife Council and organised food from a local café. All looking good. The day before the Litter Pick I’m out walking Cooper in the early morning and bumped into a local, fellow dog walker. I proudly informed him we had a team of 20+ volunteers heading over tomorrow to pick up litter along the coastal path. His response, “you’re too late, the Community Payback Scheme had a squad of offenders cleaning it up on Sunday”. Goodness me!!! Should I go out in the dark and dump some rubbish! Too late now, we’ll just have to make it into a treasure hunt … a prize to the person who finds a piece of litter!

Well it turned out all that stress and worry was for nothing. Our team did a great job and produced a huge pile of bags full of rubbish (and Cooper had a great time joining in). Next time, I’ll keep quiet and let someone else suggest an event!

Ger Kirk
Quality Systems Manager