Network Emulation – Infrastructure

Scalable, high performance solutions for testing network infrastructure models and devices under real world conditions

Calnex SNE
Predictable Network Performance. Calnex SNE is a highly flexible solution for both network emulation and network simulation. Build your own network easily in seconds.
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Calnex SNE X
High Precision, Cost-effective Emulation. SNE-X is a total solution to the problem of real-world Ethernet testing. It combines network emulation for 5G, Data Center and Cloud applications.
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SNE Ignite
Network Emulation for 5G O-RAN. Test 5G O-RAN with real-world network conditions in your lab. Designed to meet stringent 5G O-RAN Fronthaul test requirements.
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Attero 100G
Real-World Testing up to 100G. Prove 100GbE, 40GbE and 25GbE device performance with full line-rate network emulation. Latency in networks really is a big deal.
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Attero V
Emulate in a Virtual Environment. Spirent Attero-V is a virtual impairments tool that extends and complements the capabilities of the Spirent range of virtualization products and solutions.
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Attero X
Real-world Testing up to 10G. Capture real-world network profiles and replay them in the lab for absolute proof of performance. Emulating the cloud under real-world conditions.
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