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I wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who supported my daughter and her two older sons in their ‘Short’ Marathon. Joshua walked half the marathon and Daniel managed it all! Keith and I walked the last 6 miles and even Christopher, whose charity they were walking for, managed a couple of miles in the middle and at the end. The CEO of Parathyroid UK messaged them along the way, thrilled with the amount they have raised. So thank you so much from all of my family. Here is a message from Heidi:

“A HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported us. Parathyroid UK are a small, but mighty charity who are now £4,143 richer, thanks to you, and the Hunter Foundation for topping it up by 50%. Parathyroid UK can keep on helping people with this rare disease (like my brother) and training doctors and consultants to enable them to help their patients better. Thanks for being part of it. ? ”

With my thanks,

Becky Short
Calnex Solutions