Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT)

Calnex Analysis Tool

  Easy graphical characterization for network and device timing.

  One-click metrics and masks for multiple industries.

  User-customized metrics and reports available.

Measurement Power
  • Harness results from Paragon and Sentinel products in one place.


Easy Analysis
  • View multiple results graphically including critical PDV, frequency/phase and Time Error measurements.


Clear Pass/Fail Indicators
  • Built-in industry masks.
Pinpoint Results of Interest
  • Evaluate TE, cTE, dTE, PDV, TIE, MTIE, TDEV, MATIE, MAFE, FPP, FFO and many more ITU-T metrics.
  • View Sync, Delay Req, Round Trip and PDV graphs simultaneously.


Automatic Pass/Fail
  • Precise threshold analysis for ITU-T compliance.