Calnex SNE Ignite

“Network Emulation – designed to meet stringent 5G O-RAN Fronthaul test requirements”

Calnex SNE Ignite

  100GbE, 50GbE PAM4, 40GbE, 25GbE & 10GbE Interfaces

  Low PDV/Low MTIE LPF as many O-RU devices are intolerant to PDV

  Low Intrinsic Latency as Front Haul can be intolerant to delays as low as 8µs

  PTP transparent clock ensures high priority S-plane traffic is not affected by large user-plane packets such as Jumbo packets

  Nanosecond accuracy enables stringent repeatable testing

  SyncE & External Clock input enabling physical layer synchronization to remote frequency reference

  Multi-port (up to 8 ports) enables testing of multiple O-RU’s simultaneously

Multi-Port, Multi-User
  • Up to four pairs of 100G/50G PAM4/40G/25G/10G interfaces
  • QSFP28,SFP56, QSFP+, SFP28
PTP transparent clock
  • One-step transparent clock mechanism
Full line-rate Network Emulation
  • FPGA architecture ensures 100% line rate performance and nanosecond accuracy
50GbE PAM4
  • Software unlock 50GbE PAM4 interface capability when required – protect your investment against future requirements
  • O-RAN Fronthaul (O-DU and O-RU test)
  • O-RAN Mid Haul (O-CU and O-DU test)
  • 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
  • 5G Core
  • 5G Back Haul
  • Data Center Interconnect Emulation
  • Data Center Migration
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Telecom/Federal Applications
  • Defense Applications
  • Customer Proof of Concept
  • SLA Verification
  • IPTV, Video