Calnex SNE (now with 100GbE interfaces and 5G network model)

“Verify application performance under ‘real network’ (Internet/WAN) conditions with accurate & repeatable network emulation”

Calnex SNE

  New Automated testing with a real 5G transport network model.

  Now with 100GbE and 50GbE QSFP28 interfaces.

  RESTful API for easy automation.

  Jumbo packets for Broadcast & Video applications.

  Build and model complex real-life systems enabling you to simulate networks and emulate the real-world conditions under which applications and platforms need to perform.

Multi-Port Multi-User
  • Any Port to Any Port for total flexibility.
  • Best in class port density:
    – up to 8 ports 100G/50G/25G
    – up to 16 ports 10G/1G.
  • Flexible interfaces – QSFP28, SFP28, SFP+, RJ-45.
Automated 5G test
  • Using a 5G dataset modelled from real data from a major carrier
  • Enables fast & accurate application testing under real-world 5G conditions
Visual Network
  • Build emulations, link together impairments
  • SD-WAN.
  • 5G Edge Cloud/MEC.
  • Broadcast video.
  • Satellite simulation.
  • Online gaming.
  • WAN network optimization.
  • Cloud computing and migration.
  • Networks: Telecoms, Mobile, LAN/WAN enterprise.
  • Power & Utilities – Teleprotection.
Video/Audio Impairments
  • Filter traffic
  • H.264/5 MPEG-4/AVC Impairments