Calnex SNE-X

“A multi-port, high-performance network emulator to drive product/application quality and reduce the cost of test with rigorous, scalable test capability. “

  Up to 28 ports allowing network impairment of hundreds of packet streams

  1 to 100GbE wire rate for emulating network conditions experienced by 5G services and applications

  Low intrinsic latency – maximum intrinsic latency of 20µs is ideal for sensitive applications

  High performance backplane allows for simultaneous testing of multiple devices with any to any port.

Multi-Port Multi-User
  • Up to 28 ports 10/1GbE
  • Up to 16 ports 25GbE
  • Up to 8 ports 100GbE
  • Low intrinsic latency
  • Any to Any port for total flexibility
  • 4U Chassis


Automated 5G test
  • Using a 5G dataset modelled from real data from a major carrier
  • Enables fast & accurate application testing under real-world 5G conditions


Visual Network
  • Build emulations, link together impairments
  • SD-WAN
  • 5G Edge Cloud/MEC
  • Broadcast video
  • Satellite simulation
  • Online gaming
  • WAN network optimization
  • Cloud computing and migration
  • Networks: Telecoms, Mobile, LAN/WAN enterprise
  • Power & Utilities – Teleprotection


Video/Audio Impairments
  • Filter traffic
  • H.264/5 MPEG-4/AVC Impairments