NE-ONE Professional

“Quickly  and  easily  recreate  a  wide  range  of  realistic networks to test application performance”

  Wide  range  of  realistic networks including LAN, WAN, Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, (A)DSL, Mobile and Satellite

   1Gbps-10Gbps | Multi-User | Desktop Network Emulator

  RESTful API to create and control test networks on demand from external applications and tools

  Jumbo packets for Broadcast & Video applications.

Ease of Use
  • Auto-configured test networks and link parameters
  • Geolocation network latency calculator
  • Network Scenario Builder & Player
Multiple Concurrent Links (Paths)
  • Emulate up to 20 different network links (paths) between the end points
  • Set up links and concurrently compare their application performance
  • Define what IP Addresses, Applications or VLANs use
Real-Word Conditions
  • Access to over 50 impairments


Graphs & Reporting
  • Test & configuration reports
  • In-depth graphs
  • Statistics & packet capturing


  • Enterprise
  • Satellite link emulation
  • Online gaming
  • Cloud migration
  • Mobile, LAN/WAN