“Verify static and dynamic time, phase and frequency synchronization performance on your packet network”

Calnex Sentinel

 Measure network performance to 3GPP and ITU-T requirements.

 Understand your datacenter timing to improve data integrity, maximising throughput.

  Gain deep understanding of performance in timing critical financial, power, broadcast and other networks.

Easy Measurements
  • PTP, NTP, SyncE (IPv4/IPv6)
  • 1pps/clock signals
  • Over the Air (OTA) signals
  • Simultaneous
Easy Analysis
  • Live metrics calculated and displayed real time
  • Built in Packet Capture to check configuration
  • Detailed measurement report in PDF
  • PFV (PTP Field Verification) to check conformance
  • CAT (Calnex Analysis Tool) for full suite of metrics for deep insight
Easy to Operate
  • Auto discovery of signals
  • Easy to navigate GUI
  • Short and long term measurements
  • Real time graphs of TE data
  • Built in industry standard masks and PTP profiles
Easy Features
  • Remote operation: VNC or API
  • Embedded GNSS Receiver and high stability Rubidium (Rb) Clock
  • Captured PDV data can be replayed on Calnex Paragon