“Continuously monitor the synchronization performance of your network: PTP, NTP, and clock signals”

PTP Monitoring Hardware, Sentry

 Verify phase, time and frequency synchronization

 Remotely monitor and diagnose synchronization issues on Ethernet and clock signals

  Identify trends before they become problems

Versatile Sync Tool
  • Detect rogue time source in Datacenter or Telecom network
  • Compare time domains in trading venue
  • Remotely probe network to directly measure unicast boundary clock
  • Validate O-RAN DU rTE


Monitor Multiple Nodes in the Network
  • Up to 34 PTP or NTP streams
  • Up to 4 clock signals
Versatile Interface
  • Remotely configure and download results via API
  • Operate and view metrics via VNC
  • Fully analyze measurements in CAT and PFV
Comprehensive Analytics
  • Time Error, MTIE and TDEV, Dynamic TE, Constant TE
The Right Features
  • Embedded GNSS Receiver and high stability Rubidium (Rb) clock
  • Hardware watchdog assures high reliability