PTP Time Error for T-BCs

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The accuracy of Telecom Boundary Clocks (T-BCs) is essential to the successful roll-out of LTE-A and TDD-LTE. To meet the new G.8273.2 compliance limits, T-BCs must meet a very stringent constant Time-Error (cTE) limit of 20 or 50 nanoseconds depending on device class. This ensures that the maximum number of nodes can be deployed within the network’s Time-Error budget.

The Test Guide shown below describes how the Calnex Paragon-100G can be used to test T-BC compliance as per G.8273.2 and provides procedures to measure noise generation, time noise tolerance and transfer, packet layer transient response and holdover performance. One of the main drivers for the whole network at the moment is 5G. Study Group 15 has been asked to look into the development of the transport network for 5G, including the backhaul and access networks as well as the synchronisation. While 5G isn’t planned to roll out until 2020 and beyond, some operators are planning field trials this year, and need equipment in place ready for those trials.

Crawford Colville, Marketing Communications, Calnex Solutions.

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