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5G OTA Mask Wander
5G OTA Wander Mask: Fact or Myth?
In my previous blogs (Synchronization Monitoring: The fuel gauge for mobile networks and Synchronization...
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Can We See What Is To Come
Synchronization is not a single number: Can we see what is to come?
In my previous blog, I pointed out that a good test solution can verify not only that the network is...
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5G Mobile Networks
Synchronization Monitoring: The fuel gauge for mobile networks
Extrapolation of ITU-T recommendations on sync to the output of the end user application can be challenging....
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Paris 5G Edge
Innovating to Shape the Future of Distributed Edge
Colt delivers ground-breaking private 5G pilot in Paris supported by Cisco and Calnex. Innovation is...
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Decoding ITU T
Decoding ITU-T standards for optimum APTS network limits
ITU-T Rec. G.8271.2 edition 2 was published in May 2021 and addresses the network limits for deployment...
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ITSF 2021
The ITSF 2021 Calnex Team De-Brief
As the curtains fall on ITSF 2021 we heard about many things including timing distribution, optical modules,...
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datacenter engineers
Pre-deployment Insights - The Verification Savior for Data Center Engineers
Diversification of Data Center Applications The growth in the Data Centre market is well underway. In...
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Automation Revolution PTP
The automation revolution: Drivers for precision network timing
To all intents and purposes we are at an intersection of IoT. Increasingly sophisticated sensors and...
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MEC – The enabler of the instantaneous network response?
MEC – The Enabler of the Instantaneous Network Response?
Discussing the role of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) in reducing latency and improving responsiveness...
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Elimination of guard bands in 5G NR increases need for sync testing
Only Over-the-Air sync testing fully characterizes network performance. The rollout of 5G networks worldwide...
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5G Open RAN: Open Architectures
As some industry players are beginning to suggest that the benefits of 5G are now moving from theory...
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