Inadequate Cyber Ranges

Revealing the gap between unrealistic and ideal training environments.

Adding Network Realism

Bridging the divide to ensure cyber ranges mirror the intricacies of actual networks.

Prepared For Cyber All Threats

Equipping users with realistic, diverse scenarios for comprehensive training in cyber warfare.

Engineering Real-World Network Realism Into Cyber Ranges with Software Defined Test Networks

The incorporation of the Calnex NE-ONE Software Defined Test Network (SDTN) into a Cyber Range provides the necessary real-world network effects including simulated geographic dispersal in a low-risk, high-reward environment. Using its Soft Ports allows large number of nodes to be connected through the SDTN in a cost effective, controllable and repeatable environment. Due to its ease of deployment and configuration, NE-ONE also allows fast changes between different mission sets. 

Organisations needing to include network realism into their own Cyber Range solutions, the NE-ONE’s powerful RESTful API enables them to setup, update and tear down training networks on demand or in conjunction with other automation tools.

Software Defined Test Network Use Cases in Cyber Ranges:

Performance Under Adversity
Geographically Distributed Attacks
Compliance & Audits

Performance Testing under Adverse Conditions

NE-ONE can create scenarios that include conditions like high latency, packet loss, and jitter to test how networks, applications and cyber security professionals perform under stress or adverse conditions. This helps in understanding the resilience of processes, systems and networks.

 Apply impairments & understand attack threats in real-world network conditions.

 Identify networked military application cyber vulnerabilities.

 Train teams under realistic, controllable and repeatable network environments.

Training for Geographically Distributed Attacks

Geographically distributed attacks train cyber security teams to handle attacks from various global sources, adapting to different latency levels and regional attack styles. This focused training enhances their ability to efficiently counter diverse cyber threats in a globally connected digital environment.

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Preparation for Compliance and Audits

By emulating an environment that aligns with regulatory requirements, organisations can better prepare for audits and ensure their systems and processes are compliant.

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Understanding the critical role of real-world network realism in cyber ranges

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Testing System and Application Readiness before Deployment: