Tactical Networks

Tactical Networks are crucial to the modern military. In an era where every soldier is a ‘platform’, and land, sea, and air communications are crucial, resilient connectivity between each platform can make the difference between a victory and a tragedy.

Strategic Networks

Strategic networks utilize international communication hubs, SATCOM, Mobile Networks, Fiber, DSL and other mediums to ensure all information being broadcast to and from the front line is successfully received.

Combining Both

Combining multiple types of tactical and strategic networks is a crucial. It is now commonplace for multiple strategic and tactical networks to be combined, often from different national forces, for the good of the campaign

Replicate Complete Tactical Networks with Software Defined Test Networks

Model realistic tactical Software Defined Test Networks in a controlled environment, including platform-to-platform connectivity, with all combinations of land/sea/air-to-land/sea/air, convoy networks, and meshed or partially meshed networks, with one device- the NE-ONE Network Emulator.

Using the NE-ONE, your test environments can experience everything from perfect ‘fiber-everywhere’ connections, to the lossy, erratic networks of a hostile operational environment, allowing the user to see how performance is affected by any possible environments, and ensure communications are maintained in even the most severe of scenarios.

Network Emulation Use Cases in Defense and Government:

Multi-Domain Operations
Cyber Ranges
Soldier Touch Points

Ensuring Application Resilience Across Multi-Domain Operations

Test military application performance under different severities of environments:

 Replicate complete Multi-Domain networks

 Apply impairments & mimic hostile interference

 Identify networked military application limitations

 Reduce the need for expensive live field trials

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Cyber Warfare: Calnex Network Emulation for Advanced Cyber Range Simulations

Cyber Warfare's complexities require multiple networks for realistic competition on the digital battlefield, which is challenging to replicate in a Cyber Range.

Calnex Network Emulators enable your Cyber Range devices to emulate operations from any global location, with RTT, Packet Loss, Bandwidth, across multiple network types, including 5G, 4G, WAN, DSL. Essentially, it allows simulation of worldwide attacks within your secure Cyber Range.

Optimizing Soldier Touch Points: Enhancing Training Quality

Soldier touch points refer to the interactions soldiers have with the training systems, the quality of these interactions directly impacts the realism and immersion of the training experience.

Calnex Network Emulators allow for testing equipment against all network parameters, enabling developers to optimise these interactions. This provides soldiers consistent, high-quality training regardless of network conditions, ensuring positive evaluations for your equipment.

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Reducing The Need for Expensive Live Field Trials

Understand how applications will endure the stresses of a modern military network before live field trials.

Your Guide to Ensuring Application Resilience Under Any Network Conditions

Testing System and Application Readiness before Deployment: