Ensuring Seamless Player Experience: Resolving Player Network Challenges 

In the modern era, games heavily rely on robust and steady online connections to deliver crucial gameplay elements. However, players frequently connect through congested or substandard networks, dealing with high latency, packet loss, and bandwidth congestion. These conditions can negatively affect essential game components such as multiplayer gameplay and in-game marketplaces. Consequently, it’s critical for developers to test their games against such conditions prior to launch. The challenge, however, is to simulate these conditions in a controllable, effective, and time-efficient manner.

Calnex Network Emulation: Solution for Testing Against Poor Networks

The Calnex Network Emulator range are designed to make it easy for teams to configure network types and connection impairments. They offer developers a clear perspective on how varying player networks can impact gameplay.

Begin testing your games in minutes from the lab, your desk or even a home office. Utilizing the hardware ports or virtual/cloud soft ports, simply plug in any console, PC or other devices and begin testing your game with Calnex Network Emulators. Apply different network conditions and impairments to experience how your game performance is affected.

Calnex Network Emulation Use Cases:

Validating Player Networks
Bug Identifying & Patches
QA: Dynamic Game Testing

Validating Player Networks: Empowering Game Developers:

Developers can easily configure Client to Server, Peer to Peer, and any other meshed or partially meshed configurations within minutes. Implement precise geographical latency and customized network impairments, reflecting real-world network conditions that players may experience.

Model player networks, and gain valuable insights into how players will experience the game across a range of network conditions, from excellent to poor.

Drive Precise Bug Detection and Quick Patch Resolution:

By simulating various scenarios including high latency, packet loss, and bandwidth congestion, game developers can identify how these conditions affect gameplay, enabling them to find and address bugs that could significantly impact the player experience. Once these bugs are identified, developers can create and deploy patches to rectify these issues, ensuring a smooth and consistent gaming experience across a multitude of network environments.

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Introduce Different Network Conditions to the Live Gameplay of Game Testers:

By emulating environments with varying degrees of latency, packet loss, and bandwidth constraints, game testers can thoroughly vet the game's performance and responsiveness under real-world conditions.

This level of testing ensures that real players, regardless of their network quality or geographical location, are guaranteed a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

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Calnex Network Emulators are used by a wide range of studios in the industry

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