The ITSF 2021 Calnex Team De-Brief

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As the curtains fall on ITSF 2021 we heard about many things including timing distribution, optical modules, sync in civilization, cows … and bingo! In this blog we share the Calnex team takeaways;

Tommy Cook, CEO

“The number of attendees was only slightly lower than 2 years ago, which in consideration of the COVID travel impact, was a huge achievement and indicates the importance of timing to a growing number of sectors and companies.

The importance of Timing in Telecoms continues, with the interest growing in the recommendations from ORAN bringing a new layer of people seeking to implement timing support technology.

Compared to two years ago, it was clear from the presentation that other industries like Data Centers and the Power have moved from a position of “time distribution could be valuable” to “we need time distribution”. As a result, the expansion of investigation and investment in timing by these sectors has brought a new dimension to the importance of high accuracy time distribution.”

Adam Paterson, Head of Product Management

“It was great to be able to interact and discuss wider industry topics, not just the day to day. All those coffee break chats are what we’ve really been missing. It was also great to present some of our latest investigations and see this ringing true with the audience. Definitely got the most nods for this slide!”

ITSF 2021 slide

Robyn McRae, Senior Business Development Exec

“Great to be back under one roof for ITSF 2021, not just to see old friends but lots of new faces from emerging markets! A refreshing reminder that it’s an exciting time for the time and sync industry, as well as out the box thinking – did anyone see those inflatable cows at the Calnex stand!? They certainly turned heads … but there is a link between sync and cows as we explained in our Moovie”.

Billy Marshall, Senior Applications Engineer

“It was great to be able to go to an event like this again. The presentations were as always many and varied and with household names like Virgin Media, Facebook, Intel and Siemens presenting and it’s clear and encouraging how ‘mainstream’ timing is becoming. And if on the off chance it all goes away tomorrow, it’s good to know Tommy has bingo calling skills to fall back on – who knew?

“It was interesting to see a few presentations focussing on the security aspects of timing, with possible implementations of it for PTP being discussed. It’s obvious that customer requirements for support on these new features is on the horizon. On a personal level it was great to see Charles Curry being awarded the Timelord, as a Chronos alumni he has been a pivotal person in my career.”

Bryan Hovey, Product Manager (Field Sync – Sentinel)

“Civilization relies on good synchronization, was the headline I took from ITSF. The varied presentations showed that any industries in our modern interconnected world rely on accurate, reliable and resilient time synchronisation with Mobile, Data Centre, Financial, Power Utility, Defence, IOT and Automation just some of those that were covered.

The events over the last couple years reminds us just how interdependent our global economy is on so many factors. A problem with communications, financial transactions, power, data centres or any of a number of other highly networked technologies can have a serious impact on the global economy and supply chains. Imagine if there was wide spread failure in many of them at the same time. This made it rather sobering to see just how many industries were represented at ITSF as dependent on time.”

See you at ITSF 2022!

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You may have missed this? The latest Calnex PTP primer below:

The IEEE/IEC 60802 Industrial Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) profile describes the implementation of high-accuracy synchronization using IEEE 802.1AS (gPTP). This document provides an overview of the specifications for precision timing, and recommended best practice for proving gPTP performance of devices and networks. gPTP primer image


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