Tommy Cook : Founder and CEO, Calnex Solutions plc


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Be Inspired: by London Stock Exchange

Behind the scenes with CEOs and senior leaders of London’s listed companies.

We’re thrilled to finally introduce the highly anticipated Be Inspired CEO series, where we go behind the scenes with some of the most successful CEO’s and senior leaders of listed companies on our London markets.

Captured from some of the true trailblazers in business today, they are all succeeding in a role which brings its own pressures, expectations – and a most commonly perceived inaccessible persona, however we are fortunate and very excited to have this opportunity to now share their inspirational journey’s with you today.

Founder and CEO Tommy Cook has experienced an incredible journey – from listing the business only 15 months ago with a market cap of £42m, to the £100m it is valued at today… yet a public listing was never part of the plan. Find out what drivers changed his mind, why he chose to list in London and how the company has continued to go from strength to strength.