Volunteering with Akshaya Patra


5 mins read

Our India team arranged a volunteering day with them, on the 5th January where Calnex employees Santosh, Surendra, CJ and Sunil went to the mega kitchen to prepare meals for children.

Surendra explained “Sharing improves trust, friendliness, and harmony, which is in Calnex’s genes. Thanks to Tommy, Laura and the Calnex family for driving this as a mission for the company. Santosh often helps with under privileged children in India by donating food for them. ISKCON (Krishna Temple) mission is ‘no one should go hungry within a 10 mile radius from ISKCON(Krishna Temple) centre’. In one of the Graduation Ceremony speeches, Steve Jobs mentioned how he got a good meal from ISKCON. Sharing is a way to bring down global inequality and I hope everyone will love to share and improve friendliness and harmony in each society.”

Akshaya Patra