Volunteering with West Lothian Food Bank


5 mins read

As part of our Calnex in the Community initiative, we organised our first activity of the year, volunteering with West Lothian Food Bank in Bathgate. They were inundated with food donations over the festive period but didn’t have enough staff and volunteers to get it out to people in need, so that’s where the Calnex crew came in.

Becky, Ben, Hamish, Kirsty, Claire, Shane, Phil, Andrea, Karen and Laura got straight to work one afternoon and managed to create food packages for over 100 families across West Lothian.

It was definitely a worthwhile trip as you will see from some of the volunteers’ comments below!

Becky Short – “It was really well worth doing and seemed to be appreciated. We were the first corporate team since the start of the pandemic; they seemed impressed by the amount of work we got through. It was good to be able to help but challenging as well because it makes you realise that there are so many people in real need. They are needing more help so maybe we can send another team.”

Shane McKeown – “The team at the foodbank are doing an excellent job providing short term help for people in crisis. This is often where someone has been made redundant and is waiting weeks without any income before receiving benefits. It was good being able to help and show our support. I felt that the Calnex team made a real difference.”

Andrea Maguire – “I enjoyed helping out at the foodbank, talking to the workers and seeing what was included in the food parcels was valuable and it felt like we were contributing to make difficult times a bit easier for people in need (especially with the chocos we were able to add). I would definitely be up to helping out in the future, especially as the need for foodbanks is rising and will continue to rise!”

Food Bank Volunteering - Calnex in the Community