WSTS 2022: The Calnex Debrief

5 mins read

People, clock behaviour, WIWI and ns time-stamps

“Feels good to be back!”

You could tell there was a general feel good factor to being back at an in-person event. As always, WSTS was a great event to network and build relationships, as everyone is so focussed on solving the same fundamental challenges. With around 150 delegates and 3 days of presentations, discussions and social events, you get to meet everyone multiple times which is great to foster high quality interactions.

Tommy Cook, CEO

“From latest cutting edge, to decisions that should have been made in the 1970’s?!”

I know all of our Calnex colleagues attending enjoyed discussions between sessions just as much as the conference content itself – I think that’s because some of the presentations really got people’s minds working. Hearing about quantum computing developments, or new projects such as WIWI really fired my imagination, and it was fun sketching out new test topologies and requirements for applications currently under development in between sessions.

I think everyone attending will fondly remember being surprised with how interesting a debate on Leap Second definitions can be!

Adam Paterson, Head of Product Management

“Massive scale could be the next challenge for PTP”

I especially enjoyed learning more about how precision timing impacts the financial sector. Time stamping at the nanoseconds level is increasingly becoming the industry standard. This requires large amounts of PTP aware devices: in the order of 100,000s to ensure synchronization within datacenters or corporate offices to the nanosecond and across the entire globe to the millisecond.

Regulators are also becoming more interested to catch insider trading events and maintain fairness in open markets. New standards for this industry are currently in progress through IEEE P1952.

This fits in perfectly with our focus at Calnex to ensure conformance to these new standards in the long term. In the short term these financial companies can increase their profits through the ability to receive information faster and process transactions faster than their competition.

Brandon Frech, Associate Field Applications Engineer, (Americas)

“It’s all about balance”

Being that this was my first in-person WSTS, my expectations were immeasurable given I did not have anything to reference *timing and sync joke*. I quickly found out the connections made are just as important as the material presented. I learned a lot at WSTS throughout all of the presentations, but my favourite part was communicating with all of the attendees and learning about what they were doing or explaining what we do. This is a great learning experience both in and out of the formal sessions — and I enjoyed the balance of that.

Brent Nucci, Associate Field Applications Engineer, (Americas)

“Data without time sense is garbage!”

For me personally this event helps a lot to combine knowledge of ethernet networking challenges to the specifics of timing transfer.

It certainly reminded me of school/university days and professors. I learnt a lot about clock behaviour and all the possible distractions it can have to keep the time correct!

Also enjoyed the talks that made it relevant for today’s applications and industries. Data without time sense is garbage. Loved the fact the whole ecosystem (chip, box, services, applications) is represented in these discussions.

Ravikiran Katnam, Business Development Manager, (Americas)