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Network Emulation

Calnex SNE
Products  Calnex SNE  Attero-100G Attero  Paragon-V
Ethernet Rates Up to 25G25G, 40G, 100GUp to 10GUp to 1G
Interfaces 100M & 1G Elect: RJ45
1G Optical: SFP
10G Optical: SFP+
25G Optical: SFP28
40G: QSFP+ (LR4/SR4)
100G: CFP2 (LR4/SR4)
100G: CXP (SR10)
100M & 1G Elect: RJ45
100M Optical: SGMII
1G Optical: SFP
10G Optical: XFP, SFP+
Number of Profiles (total) UnlimitedOptional 2,4,8,16Optional 4,8,164
Accuracy/Resolution 10us/10us5ns/0.1us5ns/0.1us1ms/1ms approx.
Full Line Rate Delay 0.5s at 25G
0.5s at 10G
1.25s at 1G
200ms at 40G
80ms at 100G
8s at 1G
800ms at 10G
100s (sub line-rate)
Delay Boost at Line Rate 0ms to 4secs at 25G
0ms to 4secs at 10G
0ms to 10secs at 1G
640ms at 40G
256ms at 100G
Automation via LAN     
Dedicated FPGA based design     
Lost,Error,Repeat,Mis-Order Pkts    Lost Packets only
Bandwidth Control (Police/Shape)    Future Option
Jitter Packets    Future Option
Command Sequencer, iTest Support     
Capture and Replay  Future option  
Graph of Captured IPG  Future option  
Extended Delay Function
MEF 18/G.8261